WordPress is nothing more than a content management system designed exclusively for web pages. Its success lies not only in the fact that it is an Open Source system but also in the fact that there is a huge community of web creators and designers that is continually working to improve the management system through plugins and background themes (Themes) .

Using WordPress for a kids clothing website that sells kosher clothes offers several benefits. Firstly, WordPress provides a user-friendly interface, allowing easy content management and updates without coding knowledge. It also offers numerous customizable themes and plugins, enabling the design and functionality to be tailored to suit the website’s needs. Additionally, WordPress is highly SEO-friendly, helping improve the website’s visibility in search engine results.

Check out our WordPress Optimized Web Design. Below we look at the 10 compelling reasons to use WordPress:

  1. WordPress is completely free and created with Open Source: Not only is it free at the beginning, as many other open source services do, always It will be free. It is not the typical system that offers free services to start and then charges you when you reach a certain level. This is the great success of WordPress.org.
  2. Auttomatic: It is the origin of WordPress created by Matt Mullenweg. If we look closely at this company, we realize that not only have they created WordPress, but they are constantly supporting the use and creation of Open Source and do not stop offering conferences and meetings to continue advancing in the field. world of freedom on the internet.
  3. The functionality of the Plugins: We can say that the plugins are small additions to the program created by designers that will help you get the website you really want. There are plugins for all kinds of things, from plugins to create a sitemap in a matter of seconds to linking your blog to all social networks.
  4. The Visual Editor and the CMS are impressive: Especially after having used other content managers such as Drupal or Joomla, we realize that WordPress makes everything much simpler. It’s almost like using Microsoft Word. The Content Management System (CMS) or content management is 5 times simpler than any other content manager, even going so far as to say that anyone, without any knowledge of computing or a website, can use WordPress easily.
  5. The easiest way to add a blog to your website: Many say that WordPress was created exclusively to create the best blogs. The blog functionality within WordPress is undoubtedly the best on the market. Anyone who wants to create a quality blog will ask about WordPress.
  6. The functionality of Themes: Themes or themes are nothing more than possible designs, with various structures, that will give your website its own style. There are literally millions of themes to choose from. There are many free ones, but if we decide to pay a small annual amount we can have the same one as the one on the White House website, to give us an idea.
  7. The Security of your site: Updates to keep your website safe from spammers and possible hackers are practically weekly. Additionally, when you install WordPress, a SPAM protection system called Akismet is also installed by default. In any case, before updating your version of WordPress, you should make a backup copy using a plugin for this purpose.
  8. Google loves WordPress: Why do we do all this in the end? To have the best website regarding web positioning. Google loves clear, well-organized and structured content. There is nothing like WordPress to have good code organized in a systematic way. In fact, this phrase “Google loves WordPress” was uttered by Matt Cutts himself, head of Google’s Search Quality Group section. >nothing more and nothing less…,
  9. WordPress Sites are Accessible: Built with simple and attractive technologies, websites created with WordPress are super accessible, that is, thanks to the fact that they are created mostly with HTML and CSS, your web page can be viewed from iPhones, BlackBerrys, Android, iPads, etc.
  10. WordPress grows with you: The possibilities of expanding the functions, applications, themes, plugins and more of your page are practically endless. WordPress works daily on creating new, easily downloadable content to improve your WordPress page. Nothing more to say, now take a look at the Official WordPress Page.

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